Projects in over 30 countries worldwide

The ICA Foundation provides LNG IUS donations to reproductive health service delivery organizations across the world. The aim of these projects is to provide affordable and accessible contraceptive options to women in developing countries and to understand user dynamics, preferences and acceptability. Specifics of each project’s plan and implementation strategy are determined by the donation recipients themselves. This distinction and local responsibility ensures that donated LNG IUS are distributed in a culturally-appropriate and acceptable manner.

The ICA Foundation works hard to ensure that their donations are incorporated into efficient programs reaching women and families in poor areas of the developing world. The ICA Foundation focuses on increasing service delivery of LNG IUS and the donated product is not intended to for research purposes.

On the right is a graph displaying ICA Foundation’s donations. By March 2023, the ICA Foundation has donated 215.925 LNG IUS to organizations in 41 countries. For details about recipient organizations of these donations and their individual programs, please review the Country Project pages listed in the menu below.

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