6.649 Number of women aged 15-49 (thousands)1 4.11 Total Fertility Rate (TFR)2 40.4% Percent of Married Women 15-49 Using Contraception, Modern Methods2 0.6% Percent of women using IUDs Among Modern Contraceptive Users3 17% Percent with Unmet Need for Family Planning4

1 Population by Broad Age Groups – Female – UN Population Division 2020 2 PRB 2019 World Population Data Sheet 3 Family Planning 2020 – Core Indicator Summary Sheet 2019 4 UN Contraceptive Use by Method Data Booklet 2019

PSI Madagascar / Ministere de ´la Sante Publique

PSI is an International Organization operating in the health sector focusing on family planning, maternal and child health, nutrition, HIV prevention, reproductive health, and fight against malaria. In partnership with the public and private sector, PSI provide products, clinical services, and conducts social and behavior change communication campaigns enabling the most vulnerable populations to lead healthier lives. In Madagascar, PSI works with the Malagasy government to prevent malaria and HIV and promote sexual and reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health to ensure that everyone in Madagascar receives quality healthcare. PSI/Madagascar is helping priority populations and those with low incomes gain access to essential health products, services, and information. Family Health Department of the Ministry of Public Health (MoH) is the service providing organization in Madagascar. The Department will be inserting donated LNG IUS and will supply public health centers providing the LNG IUS services within informed choice context.

ICA Foundation’s partnership with PSI Madagascar began with an initial shipment of 500 LNG IUS to Antananarivo in June 2021.