Dominican Republic


Number of women aged 15-49 (thousands)1


Total Fertility Rate (TFR)2


Percent of Married Women 15-49 Using Contraception, Modern Methods2


Percent of women using IUDs Among Modern Contraceptive Users3


Percent with Unmet Need for Family Planning2

1 Population by Broad Age Groups – Female – UN Population Division 2020
2 PRB 2019 World Population Data Sheet
3 UN Contraceptive Use by Method Data Booklet 2019

Profamilia (IPPF)

Within ICA Foundation’s network partnership with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), PROFAMILIA, a Dominican Republic non-profit institution, has received 6.550 units of LNG IUS since 2010. PROFAMILIA contributes to the sexual and reproductive health needs and promotion of health rights of women, through advocacy, services, education and quality products.

LNG IUS has been integrated into PROFAMILIA’s contraceptive method mix in six outpatient clinics. These clinics mainly serve communities of low socio-economic status—over 1500 people per day.