1.867 Number of women aged 15-49 (thousands)1 2.5 Total Fertility Rate (TFR)2 67% Percent of Married Women 15-49 Using Contraception, Modern Methods2 4.8% Percent of women using IUDs Among Modern Contraceptive Users3 12.1% Percent with Unmet Need for Family Planning2

1 Population by Broad Age Groups – Female – UN Population Division 2020 2 PRB 2019 World Population Data Sheet 3 UN Contraceptive Use by Method Data Booklet 2019


Within ICA Foundation’s network partnership with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), El Centro Paraguayo de Estudios de Población (CEPEP), a member organization of IPPF in Paraguay since 1966, have received 6.700 units of LNG IUS since 2010 for distribution in the organization’s four clinics. The LNG IUS distribution is integrated with family planning, sexual and reproductive health services, research and advocacy activities that CEPEP focuses on within urban and rural communities of this underserved population.


ESAR was founded in 1990 and since its inception has worked in the region in the implementation of a model of care that makes possible the full exercise of sexual and reproductive rights through the prevention and comprehensive management of unwanted pregnancy and its social consequences. ESAR works in 10 countries in Central and South America. The partnership with UPECSAR began with a 300 unit donation sent to their facilities in San Lorenzo in June 2017, and until today 2.200 LNG IUS products have been donated.