Women’s Health Network (WHN)

Women’s Health Network is a not for profit, charity NGO that provides health and social care services to women and their families in underserved communities in Jamaica.  WHN has a network of sites, partners and volunteers that provide a range of services at the community level including public education, healthcare workers training, institution capacity building, community research and service delivery, mostly in reproductive health services.WHN Partners with public sector and community-based entities to deliver a range of services which includes screening, diagnosis, point of care lab services, ultrasound, and treatment including surgical operations using the local hospitals. Sexual & Reproductive Health Services (HIV Screening, family planning counseling & services, IUD insertions & implants), menopause management, antenatal care services form important aspects of the range of services that WHN offers in the communities using mostly medical specialists.

ICA Foundation’s partnership with WHN in Jamaica began with an initial shipment of 200 LNG IUS to Kingston in March 2020.