Fundación Acceso Sualc

ICA Foundation has worked with ACCESSO SUALC to provide 4.000 LNG IUS to local non-profit as well as public-funded clinics in both urban and rural areas of Ecuador. Fundacion Accesosualc (Fundacion Acceso a Servicios Universales de Anticoncepcion y Repruduccion Latinoamerica), located in Quito, distributes LNG IUS to partnering organizations offering maternal health services throughout the country.

ACCESSO SUALC currently works with APROFE, government hospitals, and a network of rural health providers, to distribute LNG IUS. The organization employs direct assistance to support poor women’s access to maternal health service from qualified providers regardless of whether they are private, public or NGO providers. The foundation is eager to expand the contraceptive mix available to underserved groups of the population.


Ecuador’s collaboration with the ICA Foundation began in 2004 when the ICA Foundation provided a total of 9.200 LNG IUS to two local non-government organizations, CEMOPLAF and APROFE. This first donation was incorporated into both organizations’ family planning services. Centro Medico de Orientacion y Planificacion (CEMOPLAF) is an independent NGO initially supported by Family Planning International Assistance Program (FPIA). The Asociaciòn Pro Bienestar de la Familia Ecuatoriana (APROFE) is a private not-for-profit institution providing reproductive and maternal health services to Ecuadorian families since 1965. Each organization operates family planning services in nearly 30 clinics respectively, in both rural and urban areas.