Marie Stopes International

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is one of the largest providers of sexual and reproductive health services world-wide. It has a presence in over 40 countries across the globe.

As part of the Foundation’s network collaboration with Marie Stopes International, LNG IUS were provided to MSI’s clinic network in Bolivia in 2010. To date, 1,000 LNG IUS devices have been donated. This donation contributes to MSI’s organizational objective to offer safe, convenient, long-acting reversible family planning options for women in underserved communities.


Through 24 health centers and 6 second-level clinics, PROSALUD provides health services to more than 500.000 Bolivians a year. PROSALUD’s partnership with the ICA Foundation was initiated in 2012 in efforts to complement their existing health services and provide LNG IUS to women of low-economic status. A total of 200 LNG IUS were provided to PROSALUD.