3.000 Number of women aged 15-49 (thousands)1 2.8 Total Fertility Rate (TFR)2 45% Percent of Married Women 15-49 Using Contraception, Modern Methods2 4.8% Percent of women using IUDs Among Modern Contraceptive Users4 36.6% Percent with Unmet Need for Family Planning3

1 Population by Broad Age Groups – Female – UN Population Division 2020 2 PRB 2019 World Population Data Sheet 3 Family Planning 2020 – Core Indicator Summary Sheet 2019 4 UN Contraceptive Use by Method Data Booklet 2019


CIES is the primary organization in Bolivia committed to improving access to sexual and reproductive health services. They focus on populations that are geographically isolated and have ambitious plans for expanding services to communities that are hard to reach. CIES operates sixteen clinics and four mobile health units in remote areas. It offers a wide variety of services, including gynecological care, contraception, screening for gender-based violence, HPV vaccination, and STI testing and treatment. In 2015, CIES provided more than four million services throughout the country. It also uses digital technologies to expand their reach, and strives to ensure that Bolivians have accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. The ICA Foundation began working with CIES in August 2017, starting with an initial donation of 300 units sent to La Paz and the program has received in total 1.100 units of LNG IUS so far.