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Photo: Paul Hewett, courtesy of the Population Council

ICA Foundation’s partners, donation recipients and project implementers may find helpful resources below including:

  • A PowerPoint presentation about the ICA Foundation
  • A brochure about the Foundation for local partners
  • Materials for project training
  • Information, education and communication (IEC) materials
  • Project documentation and reporting forms for project administration

General Information

General presentation
This PowerPoint presentation provides a brief overview of the Foundations mission, its operations and country projects, as well as details about the contraceptive product, the LNG IUS.

This brochure provides a brief overview of ICA Foundation’s purpose, mission, and procedures. Information about the LNG IUS as well as logistics related to requesting and receiving a donation for the ICA Foundation is also outlined.

Training Tools

Training manual
Along with LNG IUS donation, organizations receiving donation will also receive tools to facilitate provider training. These include LNG IUS demos, small plastic uterus models, and a CD-ROM training manual.

Training presentation
This presentation can be used to train providers who will be inserting LNG IUS and familiarize them with the characteristics of the LNG IUS, its mechanism of action, as well as details of its indication and usage. Commonly asked questions from women and appropriate responses are also reviewed in the presentation. The compilation of this LNG IUS training PowerPoint presentation was a collaborative effort from ICA Foundation Board Members and skilled physicians and was made in response to partners’ requests for additional training resources.

The Foundation encourages all donation recipients to use these materials as much as possible. Please contact the Foundation if you would like more training products, additional copies of training materials, or have any questions.

K4Health / IUD Toolkit

K4Health / Hormonal IUD Toolkit

Information Materials

Client Information Sheet
This information sheet is for LNG IUS providers to give to clients during contraceptive counseling, before LNG IUS insertion, and should be available for clients to take home and refer to throughout LNG IUS use.

Provider Information Sheet
This information sheet is for LNG IUS providers to reference for their own technical information and interest. The sheet includes scientific research results from LNG IUS, effectiveness studies, detailed descriptions of side effects and contraindications, as well as medical benefits and limitations of LNG IUS use.

ICA and LNG IUS List of publications

US Pediatrics Journal: Contraception on Adolescense

Assessment of the quality of cervical mucus among users of the LNG IUS at different times of use Information Materials

Article: Fertility control

The journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research

Project Administration

Donation Agreement Letter
Before receiving an LNG IUS donation, this Donation Agreement letter must be signed by both the recipient organization as well as the ICA Foundation.

Technical Progress Report Form for Ongoing Projects
LNG IUS recipient organizations are requested to complete a Technical Progress Report every 6 months to submit to the ICA Foundation. The Board requests completed forms before each bi-annual meeting and will contact you with an official request.

Technical Progress Report Form for New Projects
LNG IUS recipient organizations who are submitting their first Technical Progress Report should use the above form, requesting more detailed information about the provision and logistics associated with their distribution program. The Board requests completed forms before each bi-annual meeting and will contact you with an official request.

Case Study Guidelines
Case studies will be conducted on certain country projects, providing in-depth detail into the commodity procurement and distribution system, provider and client perceptions of LNG IUS, and other activities of interest to the ICA Foundation and/or the receiving organization. The case study guidelines highlight specific methods and information to be included in the case study report. Discussion and arrangement with the ICA Foundation should be arranged before case study procedures begin.

The ICA Foundation's Vision 2016

ICA Foundation Template for Expired Product Notification
LNG IUS recipient organizations in possession of expired LNG IUS products are required to submit the following form to the ICA Foundation, detailing procedures for proper disposal and destruction of expired product.

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