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Since its inception, the ICA Foundation has provided donations to the following organizations:

Bangladesh: Grameen Kalyan

In 2010, the ICA Foundation provided an initial donation of 2,500 LNG IUS to Grameen Kalyan, a not-for-profit sister organization of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Grameen Kalyan is a service-delivery organization that aims to provide quality health and family welfare services to rural poor women and families, including those who associate with the Grameen Bank. It operates 51 health clinics throughout the country and also provides community based outreach services linked to four to six clinics.

Grameen Kalyan integrated LNG IUS within its existing method mix available in its network of health clinics and also trained community health workers to skillfully communicate information about all contraceptive methods, identify potential patients, and refer them to health clinics.

Bolivia: Marie Stopes International

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is one of the largest providers of sexual and reproductive health services world-wide. It has a presence in over 40 countries across the globe.

As part of the Foundation's network collaboration with Marie Stopes International, LNG IUS were provided to MSI's clinic network in Bolivia in 2010. To date, 1,000 LNG IUS devices have been donated. This donation contributes to MSI's organizational objective to offer safe, convenient, long-acting reversible family planning options for women in underserved communities.


Through 24 health centers and 6 second-level clinics, PROSALUD provides health services to more than 500,000 Bolivians a year. PROSALUD's partnership with the ICA Foundation was initiated in 2012 in efforts to complement their existing health services and provide LNG IUS to women of low-economic status. A total of 200 LNG IUS were provided to PROSALUD.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: AmeriCares

AmeriCares is an international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization that provides immediate response to emergency medical needs and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs around the world. As part of a global collaboration with the ICA Foundation, AmeriCares works with the Nundu Deaconess Hospital, which is a secondary-level hospital operated by the Free Methodist Church in the town of Nundu in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nundu Hospital is a referral hospital for 30 outpatient clinics in a catchment area of over 100,000 people, and serves approximately 12,100 patients each year. The most common ailments treated at the 130 bed hospital include malaria, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition and trauma from sexual violence. Since 2013, 600 LNG IUS devices have been donated to fill gaps in family planning for women in DRC.

Ethiopia: International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Sexual and reproductive health is among IRC’s main health priorities and family planning acknowledged as a number one focus of their efforts. IRC is committed to increasing the availability of modern contraception, and in particular widely neglected long-term methods to prevent women from unwanted pregnancies and often life-threatening medical complications.

Administration of Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA) of Ethiopia will provide LNG IUS service (with IRC supervision) at 8 refugee settings. ARRA is governmental agency mandated to provide clinical health services at refugee camps among other tasks. Long term contraceptives have not been introduced to most of the refugee camps in Ethiopia and demand for them remains to be poor. IRC health team in the refugees will work towards demand creation for LNG IUS and those that want to receive the services will be registered and submitted to ARRA Health Centers. Clients that show interest and register will receive the service. A total of 200 LNG IUS have been provided to IRC Ethiopia starting in 2013.


Ecuador’s collaboration with the ICA Foundation began in 2004 when the ICA Foundation provided a total of 9,200 LNG IUS to two local non-government organizations, CEMOPLAF and APROFE. This first donation was incorporated into both organizations’ family planning services. Centro Medico de Orientacion y Planificacion (CEMOPLAF) is an independent NGO initially supported by Family Planning International Assistance Program (FPIA). The Asociaciòn Pro Bienestar de la Familia Ecuatoriana (APROFE) is a private not-for-profit institution providing reproductive and maternal health services to Ecuadorian families since 1965. Each organization operates family planning services in nearly 30 clinics respectively, in both rural and urban areas.

El Salvador: Basic Health International

In 2007, ICA Foundation donated 150 LNG IUS to a local organization in El Salvador, BasicHealth, a non-governmental organization collaborating with in-country partners to enhance quality of health care service provision. LNG IUS were provided through rural women’s health care centers, while training and provision counseling was conducted for a range of health care providers.

El Salvador: AmeriCares

AmeriCares is an international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization that provides immediate response to emergency medical needs and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs around the world. As part of a global collaboration with the ICA Foundation, AmeriCares initiated its incorporation of LNG IUS into El Salvador’sClinica Integral de Atención Familiar. This state-of-the-art primary care facility serves the rural community of Santiago de María and surrounding areas.

With a total of 500 donations starting in 2012, AmeriCares incorporates LNG IUS into existing gynecologic and family planning services at the Clinic, and also extends products and services out to a national network of 43 public health institutions throughout El Salvador.

Ghana: Ghana Health Service

The Family Health Division of Ghana’s Health Service received a donation of 1,000 LNG IUS from the ICA Foundation starting in December 2007, in efforts to introduce and reposition long-term methods within the contraceptive method mix.

LNG IUS distribution took place in eleven public- and not-for-profit-sector distribution centers. In 2009, the Family Health Division partnered with Population Council and Engender Health to evaluate client knowledge and acceptability of LNG IUS use, service-provider training, affordability and accessibility. These case study findings assisted the Foundation in understanding LNG IUS client-base and provider perspectives.

Ghana: Marie Stopes International

Collaboration between the ICA Foundation and Marie Stopes International in Ghana began in 2008 with a total of 2,500 devices provided, alongside training and educational materials. These LNG IUS were incorporated into MSI’s contraceptive method mix throughout clinics and mobile outreach clinics across the country.

Haiti: Partners in Health/Zanmi Lasante

Partners In Health (PIH) is an international health organization relentlessly committed to improving the health of the poor and marginalized. We build local capacity and work closely with impoverished communities to deliver high-quality health care, address the root causes of illness, train providers, advance research, and advocate for global policy change. Zanmi Lasante (ZL)?Partners In Health in Haitian Creole?is PIH?s flagship project: the oldest, largest, most ambitious, and most replicated. ZL operates clinics and hospitals in a dozen sites across Haiti?s Central Plateau and Lower Artibonite. The organization is the largest nongovernmental healthcare provider in Haiti, serving a catchment area of 1.2 million people, an eighth of the population of Haiti, with a staff of 5,400 Haitians.

The provision of 200 LNG IUS will bolster the existing family planning programs. Before the partnership with the ICA Foundation, PIH/ZL did not have access to IUDs at any sites in Haiti and this donation is a way to increase access to long-acting reversible contraception for the women served.

Haiti: Hope for Haiti Foundation

Hope for Haiti Foundation, also known as HFHF, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in North Carolina and a licensed Haiti NGO, with volunteers all over the United States and Haiti.

The partnership with the ICA Foundation provides LNG IUS to the main HFHF clinic. Every year women in Haiti suffer unwanted pregnancies, unplanned pregnancies. The also report a significant amount of menorrhagia and dysmenorrhia. The introduction of LNG IUS into this community will address both of these needs. The program includes both community education and provider training. Since 2013, a total of 100 LNG IUS have been provided to the HFHF clinic.

Indonesia: Raden Saleh Clinic and partners

Beginning in 2005, ICA Foundation collaborated with five local non-profit organizations to provide a total of 2,800 LNG IUS devices to women throughout Indonesia. The following five local organizations distributed LNG IUS provided by the ICA Foundation: Raden Saleh Clinic, Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI), Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (PKBI) in Central Java and PKBI in East Java, Muhammadiyah and Yayasan Kusuma Buana (YKB).

Kenya: Marie Stopes International

Marie Stopes International-Kenya (MSK) aims to provide long-acting reversible contraceptives to marginalized, and hard to reach women through the MSK service delivery and outreach sites. ICA Foundation’s partnership with MSK began in 2005, and a total of 6,840 LNG IUS have been donated. MSK works with the Ministry of Health to provide sexual and reproductive healthcare services through clinics across the country. Condom donation, emergency contraception and male circumcision programs are ongoing within the country; incorporation of LNG IUS training, insertion and counseling is a natural addition to their range of clinic services.

Kenya: FHI360

In 2011, FHI360 and Mathare North Health Center, a public sector facility in the slums of Nairobi, received a donation of 200 LNG IUS to integrate into their family planning method mix. FHI360 is a global health and development non-governmental organization whose science-based programs bring lasting change to the world's most vulnerable people. With this donation from the ICA Foundation, FHI360 aims to examine uptake, satisfaction, and product retention of the LNG IUS along with other contraceptive methods for a period of one year.

Kenya: Kenyatta Hospital

Integrated into their existing outpatient and gynecological services, Kenyatta National Hospital received 100 LNG IUS since 2012. Kenyatta National Hospital is the largest referral in the country and serves as the main teaching hospital for the University of Nairobi’s Medical School.

Kenya: Women Care Global

WomanCare Global provides access to high-quality, innovative and affordable reproductive healthcare technologies for contraception, fertility and pregnancy management. WomanCare Global partners with the clinics in Kenya participating in the quality improvement program, Maximizing Quality in Reproductive Health (MAX) which are providing contraception and are trained to insert IUDs. Since 2013, 500 LNG IUS have been donated with the objective to increase access to the LNG IUS for women undergoing uterine evacuation who would be more appropriate users of an LNG IUS than a copper IUD.

Lesotho: Partners in Health-Lesotho

Partners in Health-Lesotho (PIH-L) brings health care to remote villages high in the mountains where women travel long distances to access care. As part of PIH-L’s Maternal Mortality Reduction Program, ICA Foundation donated 300 LNG IUS in 2012 to be integrated into family planning services in eight health facilities throughout the country. Alongside cervical screening, routine HIV and TB screening, vaccinations and nutrition services, availability of LNG IUS among other contraceptive options allows PIH-L to deliver a reliable family planning method that fits the needs and challenges faced by their patients. 

Malawi: AmeriCares

AmeriCares is an international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization that provides immediate response to emergency medical needs and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs around the world. AmeriCares has partnered with Malamulo Hospital, which is a Seventh Day Adventist Church institution located southeast of the city of Blantyre in southern Malawi. AmeriCares and Malawi ?Malamulo Seventh Day Adventist Hospital have committed to strengthening the quality and delivery of maternal care and family planning, by providing contraceptives such as LNG IUS. Since 2014, a total of 100 LNG IUS have been donated to Malamulo Hospital.

Nigeria: Pathfinder International

A small donation was provided to partners at Pathfinder International in 2010 to expand distribution of the long term contraceptive method in three states: Kano, Kaduna, and Katsina.

Nigeria: International Planned Parenthood Federation

In 2010, Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN), a member association of IPPF, received 400 units of LNG IUS to introduce the method among other contraceptive options into communities of seven states, namely Kaduna, Edo, Niger, Enugu, Oyo, Bauchi and Yobe states. Community-level awareness-raising activities increased women’s knowledge about the LNG IUS and other family planning methods, while community based distribution programs complemented clinic-based distribution and ultimately increased access to and utilization of the LNG IUS.

South Africa: Population Council

ICA Foundation initiated a partnership with Population Council’s South Africa country office and three provincial Ministries of Health throughout South Africa in May 2006. 150 LNG IUS devices were donated and with technical assistance from the Population Council, provider training LNG IUS distribution initiated within the network of public service providers in these provinces.

Zambia: Marie Stopes International (MSZ)

Marie Stopes Zambia is a partnership program of Marie Stopes International, one of the largest providers of sexual and reproductive health services world-wide. It has a presence in over 40 countries across the globe.

Based on current demand of long-term reversible methods, it is anticipated that 40% of the donation will be delivered to rural areas.

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